Favorites 4 Navigation (Fav4Nav)

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Навигация Образ жизни
Разработчик Oliver Nauroth
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Now including "Where is my car?" and "I am here eMail" functionality.

Every frequent traveller knows this situation: Where is the nearest Mc Donalds Restaurant? Or Burger King?
Where can I get fuel with my companys credit card?
No, I do not want to get a list of all restaurants, which are close by - or all gas stations! I want only the ones I am looking for...

Yes, the build in maps application can answer these questions - but you have to reenter the search term over and over again.

Thats where Fav4Nav jumps in:
In selfdefined categories you can define your own favorites, which are sent together with your current location to the maps application. So the next burger is only a few clicks away...

Allthough there is just one icon included in the delivery you can of course "beautify" the favorites with your own icons. Take pictures with the built in camera or download company icons with safari from their website to your photo library and choose the picture in Fav4Nav.

Mc Donalds and Burger King are trademarks of these companies.

For problems, questions, suggestions: fav4nav@on123.de